Ambition. Creativity. Evolution.

Insurance Expert.
Performance and innovation in insurance, banking and finances since 2011.

Ask for the best

Since 2011, our consultants have been contributing to the success of transformation, innovation and improvement of performance projects thanks to our skills and knowledge in Insurance and Finance.

The most famous Insurers and Banks have been trusting us for several years.

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Trusting Clients

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Why trust us Our values

We have an operational and pragmatic approach.

We have a strong background. This allows us to master the best practices identified during previous missions. We are able to take a step back on our projects and thus, we can focus on the objectives of the projects assigned to us.

The strength of a team

Within the WikiTree Group, we create synergies by combining our strengths (IT skills, business, analysis and finance).


WikiTree provides the resources to achieve its ambitions


Diversification of talents for innovative solutions


WikiTree promotes human capital first and foremost

Our faithful partners

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