Why us?

Working with WikiTree Consulting

We have an operational and pragmatic approach

Our consultants come from the business and bring their practical experience. This allows us to master the best practices identified during previous missions. We are thus able to take a step back on our missions and constantly keep in mind the precise objectives of the projects entrusted to us.

The strength of a group

Within the WikiTree group, we create synergies by combining our strengths (IT skills, business, expertise and finance).

Our values



Because we love to create! We promote and support initiatives by implementing a financial and human ecosystem that allows everyone to undertake at their own pace.


That is essential. The role of a consulting company is to bring added value to the projects entrusted by the clients and, at the same time, to raise the competence of the consultants who participate in them. Not to place any consultant on any project as long as it offers a financial benefit. This is why, far from the stress of employment agencies, we intervene only on activities that we understand, companies and problems that we know.


Since our creation, we have set ourselves the policy of establishing sustainable working relationships, promoting respect for the environment and the development of human capital. Fostering the human dimension in each collaboration, using green energy in our activities. So many actions promoting the protection of our environment, quality of life and human dignity.

Our partners